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Decembre 2004:
Look for two possible Krell shows in January in Houston.  More to be announced as details come.
Novembre 2004:
One year old and the total redesign of the site begins......
Octobre 2004:
The Bathyscaph has relocated to New Orleans.  Obviously much has come to a halt due to this move and it will be a couple months before i gat back on my feet again and start any real work on anything.  Many planned releases will subsequently be pushed yet further back due to this, be patient.
Septembre 2004:
The Krell played a private showing in Houston, Tx. on 9-11.  The show was recorded and will become the second disc of the two-disc set: "Helsingfors" due out by christmas.
LSFP's "Beyond The Bone Fields," ten brand new neo-classical pieces has been shipped off to Red Brick Chimney in Lithuania for release.  More news on release date as it is learned.
August 2004:
The Krell plans to play a show in Houston sometime in September.
July 2004:
Work has been started on a Pad/Krell disc (more of a Pad & LSFP introduces The Krell).  Hopes are a release by year's end.

Also, The Krell's Helsingfors disc has been further poked and prodded at with closer hopes of seeing this thing released, though it is still questioned as to exactly when.

Next in the series of the back-catalog re-issues: LSFP's Under The Sun, Under The Moon to be out sometime mid-August.
June 2004:
New Krell page, here.
Some mp3's added as well (just a few) - check individual album pages to find 'em.  Hopes to get more up as time passes.

++++++8-BIT SONGS FOR AN 8-BIT WORLD++++++

Yet another long overdue release, or rather this time, re-release: CXTW's "P'yongyang."  Refered to by those few who actually have gotten to hear the album in the past as CXTW's best.  The best?  Well I don't know about that, but definitely worth giving a listen too.

What's up next?  Who knows, but these are on the list to hopefully be out by year's end:
CXTW - "Ku & Kadai"
V/A - "An Introduction To Trees, Vol. I"
LSFP // CXTW - "Vivid Displays Of The Atmosphere's Fury" (re-issue)
and as of the moment, that's really quite all - the status of The Krell - "Helsingfors" and OSOM//LSFP - "Unsere Ehre Heisst Treue" are still very much in the works and there is absolutely no projected date on either of these at the moment unfortuantely.
Hey, I'm slowly making it thru my list of releases.....be patient.
May 2004:
Zwieback Of Zymurgy - re-mastered and with a whole new batch of artwork is finally out after over two long years of delay.  Zwieback offers up a slew of b-sides, cut-ups/outtakes, and broken/lost sound elements used over the past five years.

Helsingfors news: this disc is currently going thru major re-editing and layout design, and with Marcus going on holiday for about a month out of country, we probably won't see anything with this happen until late summer.

Now up and running: The Arctic Room: a forum in relation to AMP and it's subsidaries.  Check it out, and speak yr mind.  Let us know yr thoughts.

New page built for all you PAD fans, here.
April 2004:
Some new stuff hopefully due out by next month (well, not really new I suppose)  Re-release of CXTW's "P'yongyang" and finally the release of LSFP's "Zwieback Of Zymurgy."  Also hopes of getting the re-releases of LSFP/CXTW's "Vivid Displays Of The Atmosphere's Fury" and LSFP's "Glastonbury / Winter Solstice" out within the next couple of months.

Due out next month from FX2: "Split Single 1" featuring Ouvex and LSFP.

"Ku & Kadai" news - I'm gonna shoot for a Memorial Day release.  We'll see..........
Hopes to also get the first "Trees" comp out by that time as well which will probably contain tracks by Original Son Of Man, Osiris, Pad, and Paul Lanowski Ramtell.
March 2004:
CXTW + LSFP's "Patos Marinza :: The Final Show" now available.
New updates to the AMP page completed.
February 2004:
The long, long awaited and long overdue dive into the more experimental realms of the Pegasus mind is NOW available!!!  I've been waiting so that this release and CXTW's "Ku & Kadai" could be released simultaneously, but unfortunately, the release of "Ku & Kadai" is yet again having to be delayed due to ongoing financial difficulties at the bathyscaph.  Rest assured that "Ku & Kadai" will be out as soon as money warrants.  In the mean time, I found that I could no longer hold on to "Be As Godwin" - it's been way, way too long.

Due out later this month: CXTW + LSFP: "Patos Marinza :: The Final Show."  Special quote/unquote live performance by these two projects.  Also, with hopes of availability later this month, the re-release of the LSFP/CXTW split: "Vivid Displays Of The Atmosphere's Fury" with additional notes and artwork.
Coming soon from Alphabet1, a new ep entitled "Outsourced"
January 2004:
New pages for Chin Xaou Ti Won and Long Search For Pegasus.
The Krell double CD, "Helsingfors" is still in the works with hopes to be out by Easter.
Also still in the works, the "Trees" 3" comp series.  Hopes to get this off the ground within the next few months.
Other things to look for in the future:
Original Son Of Man / Long Search For Pegasus (split as yet untitled)
Chin Xaou Ti Won - "Ku & Kadai"
Long Search For Pegasus - "Be As Godwin"
Re-releases of LSFP's "The Sewage Of Dead Birds" & CXTW's "P'yongyang"

Event news: be sure to check out Pad on January 16th at Super Happy Fun Land in Houston, Tx.  Click here for further info.
Decembre 2003:
The Bathyscaph is relocating.  Several planned releases have now been put on hold, and planned performances by the Krell have been canceled.  The Krell will be on a form of hiatus for at least all of 2004, though there are hopes to get some recording done whenever we can find a chance.

Several updates, including Discog & Link additions have occured.  Continual construction will still take place as files are slowly transferred from the old site.  By January, I am in the hopes to have the discog page near complete with available mp3's for download by February, time willing.  Artist pages should hopefully follow over the course of the next couple of months as well.  Please be patient.

As always, be sure to check out what's new with Apollo99 / FX2.  New EP by Chin Xaou Ti Won over on FX2 titled "The Fatherland EP" hopefully available for purchase by year's end.
Novembre 2003:
After two years as a floating myth, thebathyscaph.com has finally come to see the light of day.  However, the site will remain under constant construction over the next few weeks, and will probably remain strictly text-based, at least until the end of the year.  As time allows, all info will be transferred to its new home here at the bathyscaph, until then, you can find all back archives and relative bathyscaph information at the old site, here.
Old news can be found here.